2016: The Best and Worst Year of my Life

Oh what a year: travel, brain surgery, flooding, and more … More 2016: The Best and Worst Year of my Life


Looking Ahead: TAPIF

In one short month I’ll be submitting my application for TAPIF which stands for Teaching Assistant Program in France. If accepted, I will be placed in a French public school as an English language assistant. I’m currently working on my application: crafting a personal statement in French, lining up recommendations, and uploading transcripts and personal documents. … More Looking Ahead: TAPIF


I saw her in the square. She was alone, but somehow seemed like she belonged, even more so than her peers who huddled together in separate groups as night fell. Her thin frame hid beneath the long skirt and the draped sweater that she wore so effortlessly. Her short curly hair framed her soft face. … More Intrigue